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Lauren Lovette in a black tank shirt and Lauren King in a black blazer and white top

Co-Artistic Directors

Lauren Lovette & Lauren King

Bringing dance to a community isn't just about the final performance - it's the process of bringing together diverse artists to inspire young minds and make all feel welcome. This year's festival will bring a fresh perspective with world-class artists to Nantucket for a festival that enlivens the community in new ways. 

Learn more about the team making this year's Festival possible.​


Co-Artistic Director

Lauren Lovette

Lauren Lovette headshot

Lauren Lovette personifies the intertwining of dance and choreography, moving seamlessly from one to the other. Her work has been commissioned and performed by leading dance companies and festivals worldwide, as well as a self-produced evening entirely of her own work in which she also danced, Why It Matters. Lauren stepped down from her role as principal dancer with New York City Ballet in 2021 to embark on a career devoted to dance and choreography in more equal measure. She is now the choreographer in residence at the Paul Taylor Dance Company and performs as a guest principal dancer around the world.

The Artists

Dancers, Choreographers & the Production Team!

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