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Benefit Performance Program 2024

Focusing on the variety and breadth of what dance has to offer, the 2024 performance on July 13 will feature many of today's outstanding choreographers, live musicians and dancers while also showcasing the island youth!

Red Angels

Choreography  Ulysses Dove

Music  Maxwell's Demon by Richard Einhorn

Dancers  Lillian Casscells, Hannah Fischer, Loren Walton, Cameron Catazaro

Giselle (Peasant Variations)

Choreography  Jean Coralli Jules Perrot

Music  Giselle by Adolphe Adam

Dancers  Dakota Skye Blake, Philip Duclos

Show Pony

Choreography  Kyle Abraham

Music  Hatshepsut by Jlin

Dancer  Alex Marxer


Choreography  Raynor Rubel

Music  Roll 'Em by Benny Goodman

Dancers  Raynor Rubel

This Bitter Earth

Choreography  Chris Wheeldon

Music  “This Bitter Earth” by Max Richter and Clyde Otis, performed by Dinah Washington*

Dancers  Lillian Casscells, Loren Walton

*Music from the motion picture soundtrack for Shutter Island & by arrangement with Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC.

Step Meets Street

Choreography  Kaitlyn Sardin, Dra'em Hines

Music  Le Carillon by Alexis Chartrand and Nicolas Babineau*

Dancers  Kaitlyn Sardin, Dra'em Hines


Choreography  Lauren Lovette

Music  Trio Sonata in D minor, Op. 1 No. 12, RV 63, "La Follia" by Antonio Vivaldi

Dancers  Alex Marxer, Risa Mochizuki, Philip Duclos, Dakota Skye Blake, David Lopena, Raynor Rubel

Kesh Jig Fever

Choreography  Kaitlyn Sardin

Music  Kesh Jig Fever by the Bothy Band and Lil Sims, Edit by Coleman and B+ for Mochilla

Dancer  Kaitlyn Sardin

Feel the Rhythm

Choreography  Antonina Skobina and Denys Drozdyuk

Music  “The Beat is Rhythm” by Club de Belugas

Dancers  Antonina Skobina and Denys Drozdyuk

Concerto DSCH

Choreography  Alexei Ratmansky

Music  Concerto No. 2 in F Major, Op. 102 by Dmitri Shostakovich (Presented under license from G. Schirmer Inc., copyright owners.)

Dancers  Hannah Fischer, Cameron Catazaro


Choreography  Dra'em Hines

Music  No Ordinary Love/The Sweetest Taboo by Sade, Edit by Smoothology

Dancer  Dra'em Hines


Choreography  Lauren Lovette

Music  Gigue Québécoise by Alexis Chartrand & Nicolas Babineau*

Dancers  All dancers & young people from Nantucket Island

*Played live

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